You spend your day typing. your keyboard should reflect that.


The Clueboard 66% Mechanical Keyboard

Make Typing Enjoyable.

Here at Clueboard we have one goal: To make typing enjoyable.

Most modern computer keyboards are not enjoyable to type on. They have mushy keys, very little tactile feedback, and few concessions to ergonomics. They get the job done, but that's the only good thing we can say about them.


Nothing you type on will feel as satisfying as a keyboard made exactly to your specifications.


A chef can walk into your kitchen and make amazing food using ordinary kitchen knives. Why does that chef spend hundreds of dollars on a single knife? The results from the average knife are not worse, but the effort and the frustration it took to get those results are quite different.

If you type 4 hours or more a day you deserve a better keyboard. One that reflects your personality, your sense of taste, and your personal ergonomics. One size does not fit all. Let us help you build the keyboard of your dreams.