Keyboard Programming

The Clueboard is one of the officially supported keyboards in QMK. If you want to customize the firmware for your Clueboard you should start there.

QMK Configurator

For a nice friendly way to build your keyboard's firmware check out QMK Configurator. We’ve put together a page with JSON files to make building your custom firmware even easier.

Clueboard QMK Configurator JSONs

QMK Source Code

For more advanced use cases you can use the QMK source directly. To get started check out The Complete Newbs Guide To QMK.

How To Enter Programming Mode

Out of the box all Clueboard Keyboards are configured with a key combination to enter DFU, the mode that lets you program your keyboard. For security reasons you are required to initiate this mode from the keyboard itself. To do so use this keyboard combination:


If for some reason this doesn’t work you can try using the PCB’s hardware RESET button.

Clueboard 66%

Press RESET or FLASH on the bottom of the PCB to enter DFU. This is located between the arrow cluster and the nav cluster to the left when the PCB’s bottom is face up.

Clueboard 60% 1.0.1

The Clueboard 60% 1.0.1 was the first STM32 ARM keyboard anyone had designed. It does not have the circuitry required for a one-button flash mode. To enter DFU follow these steps:

  • Locate the BOOT0 and 3.3V pins next to the RESET button

  • Using a piece of wire or tweezers bridge those pins together

  • While bridged press the RESET button

  • You may now remove the bridge between BOOT0 and 3.3V

Flashing A Firmware File (Windows/Mac)

Use the QMK Toolbox to flash your Clueboard: