What Is The Purpose Of Each Layer?

The Typing Layer is what you'll use most of the time. It is the normal typing mode.

The Function Layer allows you access keys that are less often used but still important, such as the F-row, Print Screen, and Home/End.

The Control Layer allows you to control various aspects of your keyboard, such as the RGB Underlight.

Default Keymap - JIS


What Do The Colors Mean?

The Yellow keys are what you need to hold down to enter a particular layer. Holding down none of them leaves you in the Typing Layer. Holding down Fn moves you to the Function Layer. Holding down Fn+S will enter the Control Layer.

The Blue keys highlight the keys available to you in a particular layer.

RESET is used when flashing a new firmware onto your keyboard. If you press that key your keyboard will stop working until you flash a firmware or unplug and then plug it back in. It is Red to remind you to be cautious about pressing it.