Clueboard Aluminum Case



The Clueboard Aluminum Case consists of two pieces, a Bottom and a Super Plate. You may also have an optional Acrylic Spacer.

Super Plate (AKA Top)

The super plate combines the top half of the case and the switch plate into a single piece for extreme rigidity. You can snap switches into this while still opening the switches without desoldering. The Super Plate does not support Plate Mount Stabilizers.



The bottom plate closes your Clueboard up and protects the PCB. You can use M4 x 8mm Socket Head Screws to secure each half together.


If you have opted for Underlighting you will have received an acrylic spacer and reflective plate as well. The two parts used in combination will allow the LED's on the bottom of your Clueboard PCB to shine through both the acrylic spacer and the around the edge of your keys.

When screwing together your case you should be careful to get your plate centered. Screw the case together finger tight and turn your Clueboard up on one side, resting on the acrylic plate. Run your fingers along both vertical edges to orient the spacer in that direction. Run your finger along the horizontal top edge to align the spacer in that direction. Carefully tighten the screws without allowing the parts to move.