Clueboard Acrylic Case



Build Guide For The Acrylic Clueboard

The Clueboard Acrylic Case consists of several layers that stack to form a complete assembly. To the right you can see the order they stack up in.


Top Plate

The top plate is purely for aesthetic purposes. It provides a surround so that your keyboard does not have the "floating keys" look. It comes with countersunk screw holes for a flush look.

Switch Plate

The switch plate is what your switches will snap into. It is required to be able to attach the PCB to the rest of the case.

Reinforcing Plate

The Reinforcing Plate goes between the Switch Plate and the PCB. It provides extra strength and rigidity so that your switch plate won't crack as easily. While not strictly required, it is highly recommended if you will be taking your Clueboard apart frequently or traveling with it.



The middle provides the cavity that your PCB hides in. You can skip a middle but you will need to fabricate or buy spacers instead.

Bottom Plate


The bottom plate closes your Clueboard up and protects the PCB from shorting out. It is also where the feet attach.

Each screw hole on the bottom plate is tapped to accept a #8-32 screw.