Clueboard 66% PCB - Version 2.7

The Clueboard 66% PCB is a compact PCB designed to work with a variety of cases. It supports a wide variety of layout options so you can tweak your keyboard however you'd like.


  • 2.0
  • 2.5
  • 2.7
    • Increase number of Underlight LED's to 18
    • Increment QMK subproject to rev3

RGB Underlighting

The PCB supports optional RGB Underlighting. When the WS2812B LED's have been installed you can enable and control your RGB lighting directly from your keyboard.

RGB Controls: Press Fn+S+<Key>

  • Backspace: Toggle RGB
  • Space: Change Animation Mode
  • Left/Right: Hue
  • Up/Down: Color Saturation
  • Page Up/Down: Brightness
  • 1: Solid Color mode
  • 2: Breathe animation mode
  • 3: Rainbow animation mode
  • 4: Swirl animation mode
  • 5: Snake animation mode
  • 6: Knight animation mode
  • 7: Christmas animation mode
  • 8: Cycle through static rainbows

LED Support

You can put LED's in the following locations:

  • Escape
  • Page Up
  • All 4 Arrows

When installed you can toggle these on and off using Fn+Page Up.

Caps Lock LED

If you install an LED in the Caps Lock location it will function as normal.

Supported Layouts