Clueboard 66% PCB - Version 2.0/2.1

The Clueboard 66% PCB is a compact PCB designed to work with a variety of cases. It supports a wide variety of layout options so you can tweak your keyboard however you'd like.


  • 2.0
    • Add RGB Underlight support
  • 2.1
    • Increase number of supported layouts
  • 2.5
  • 2.7

RGB Underlighting

The PCB supports optional RGB Underlighting. When the WS2812B LED's have been installed you can enable and control your RGB lighting directly from your keyboard.

RGB Controls: Press Fn+S+<Key>

  • Backspace: Toggle RGB
  • Space: Change Animation Mode
  • Left/Right: Hue
  • Up/Down: Color Saturation
  • Page Up/Down: Brightness

LED Support

You can put LED's in the following locations:

  • Escape
  • Page Up
  • All 4 Arrows

When installed you can toggle these on and off using Fn+Page Up.

Caps Lock LED

If you install an LED in the Caps Lock location it will function as normal.

Supported Layouts

Left Shift Fix - 2.0 ONLY!

If you have a Version 2.0.1 PCB and your left shift isn't working you need to install a short jumper. The process is detailed here: