GMK PCB Mount Screw-In Stabilizers

GMK PCB Mount Screw-In Stabilizers

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  • 4 x 2U and 1 x 6.25U (with screws) - Compatible with 60% and 66%.

  • 6.25U (with screws) - For one spacebar only

Full sets available with or without plastic washers (which aid in preventing shorts). Recommended for 60% and 66% soldered PCB’s. Unnecessary for the Clueboard 66% Hotswap PCB.

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All of the switches on a keyboard take up 1U (1 unit, the size of a single key), but there are some keys that take up more than just 1U of room. Shift, Enter, and Backspace are the most common examples. If a key takes up 2U or more, it needs to be stabilized. A stabilizer is a special mechanism that keeps the keycap straight and allows for the user to hit the key and allow it to actuate, even if the user doesn't hit the key dead center. (ie: hitting the spacebar with your right thumb, on the far right side of the spacebar. The stabilizer allows for the spacebar to stay straight and distributes the pressure down to the switch in the center).

These stabilizers are made by GMK and screw into your PCB.