Nantucket Selectric Child Sets

Nantucket Selectric Child Sets

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Note: This is the remaining Nantucket Selectric inventory. Anything shown in the pictures that is not in the dropdown is no longer available.

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This is what a Modern Selectric typewriter would look like in the timeless Navy/Cream/Yellow palette. This set mimics a Selectric typewriter that never was, but could have been. One that would look right at home in your tiny coastal town, sitting on a big oak desk. 

The navy blue legends sit upon slightly creamy keys, providing a bright contrast that seems to defy the natural darkness of Navy Blue. The golden yellow of YCF on the mods brings out the handsomeness of BBI in a way that no other shade could.

Signature Plastics SA Profile | Doubleshot ABS | Profile 1-1-2-3-4-4 | Colors BBI, WV, RDD, and YCF

Limited Quantities Available