Greetech MX-style Switches

Greetech MX-style Switches

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Greetech Switches in packs of 70 and 17 to cover your 66% or numpad.

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While Cherry MX switches are the original switch and still the most sought after, but once their patent expired, many other companies got in on the mechanical keyboard switch game. One of the leading companies in that game is Greetech. Greetech is a low-cost mechanical switch maker, focusing on the main three switches (clicky, tactile, and linear), following the same Cherry color scheme. 

But Will I Like Them?

Greetech switches feel just as good as Cherry, are slightly louder, and much less expensive. If you are on the fence I can recommend Greetech switches without hesitation.

  • Black: 60g Linear

  • Blue: 50g Clicky

  • Brown: 45g Tactile

  • Red: 45g Linear