Gateron MX-style Switches

Gateron MX-style Switches


Gateron Switches in packs of 70 to cover your 66% keyboard.

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While Cherry MX switches are the original switch and still the most sought after, but once their patent expired, many other companies got in on the mechanical keyboard switch game. The company that has garnered the largest following is Gateron. As a Cherry Clone, they offer the same colors with corresponding attributes (with a few exceptions), but many feel that Gateron switches feel smoother than the originals. Gateron is also the maker of the wildly popular Zealio switch. 

  • Blue: 45g Clicky

  • Brown: 45g Tactile

  • Red: 45g Linear

  • Black: 55g Linear

  • Green: 80g Clicky

Note- You may receive either milky or black/transparent switches. There is no difference in typing feel or operation between the two cases.