66% Clueboard Decorative Pack Add-on

66% Clueboard Decorative Pack Add-on


Includes: Acrylic Spacer, Reflector, 2 x M3 10mm Screws, 15 x WS2812B LED's

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Want to add the Underlight kit to your non-underlight Aluminum Clueboard Case? This kit gives you the parts you need. It comes with a clear acrylic spacer, mirrored reflective plate, and 15 WS2812B LED's. 

Contents: Clear Acrylic Spacer, Reflective Plate, 2 x M4 10mm screws, 15 x WS2812B LED's

Note: This kit requires soldering. We've tried to make it as easy as possible but soldering a WS2812B LED requires Intermediate Level soldering skill. If you are not confident in your SMD soldering skills we recommend seeking professional help.