Clueboard Switch Tester Kit or Assembled

Shown Assembled
Shown Assembled

Clueboard Switch Tester Kit or Assembled


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    Not sure what kind of switch you want? Give them all a try!

    A switch tester will give you a general idea about how you'll like a switch. Do you find the click of a Blue satisfying or infuriating? Are MX White too heavy for you? Is there really a difference between Cherry and Gateron? You can find out yourself!

    Includes 20 different switches, Blue or White LED's, PCB, and battery clips. 2 x AAA (LR03) batteries not included.

    Switches Included:

    • Gateron Green
    • Cherry MX Green
    • Gateron Blue
    • Cherry MX Blue
    • Zealio 78g
    • Zealio 67g
    • Zealio 65g
    • Zealio 62g
    • Cherry MX Tactile Grey
    • Cherry MX Clear
    • Gateron Brown
    • Cherry MX Brown
    • Gateron Black
    • Cherry MX Black
    • Gateron Red
    • Cherry MX Red
    • Cherry MX White
    • Matias Click
    • Matias Quiet Click
    • Matias Linear