Clueboard Cluepad PCB

Clueboard Cluepad PCB

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Anything smaller than a full sized keyboard is lacking a numpad, be it a TKL, a 66%, or a 60%. The whole idea is that the numpad usually remains unused and just takes up much desk space. The smaller form factors are also much more ergonomic when it comes to using a mouse in close proximity to the keyboard. But there are times when one still may want a numpad, but they just don't need it attached to their board. That's where the Cluepad comes in.

The Cluepad is a separate numpad that you could put right next to your keyboard, put it on the opposite side if your board, on the other side of the mouse, or just put elsewhere on the desk where there is available real estate. 

This is the most important part of the Cluepad, the PCB, which allows you to dictate which button does what. So, technically, this doesn't even have to be a numpad. It can be a macro-pad, or a media control pad, or whatever else you can think of. 

Note: This PCB has an error with the stabilizer cutouts. You will not be able to use PCB mount stabilizers with this PCB. Plate mount stabilizers work fine.


  • Output numpad codes by default!
  • Open source firmware means you can program any layout you want
  • Fully backlit with controllable brightness.
  • RGB Underlighting Support - Light up your desk!
  • Hacker Friendly! The TWC/i2c pins have been exposed to allow you to interface with custom hardware
  • Open Source

The firmware that powers your Cluepad is open source, which means you can make your numpad do anything you want it to! You can download the firmware source code here: