Clueboard AF60 PCB

Clueboard AF60 PCB

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50-74 Orders: $50
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This is a group buy. Orders will be open until 2/25.

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The 60% You Never Wanted

Looking for a way to prank your coworkers come April Fool’s Day? Want a conversation starter? Just want to break some brains? No matter your motivation we’ve got a board that will make them say, “Thanks. I hate it.”

Tired of Non-Standard Keysets?

Here at Clueboard we understand how frustrating it is to keep your coworkers off your computer. There are a lot of keyboards that excel at that task but they always require non-standard keysets. That’s why we’ve designed the new Clueboard AF60 PCB. Featuring a standard QWERTY layout you can build this 60% PCB to fit any keyset.

Standard 1.25 mods with 6.25 spacebar? We got you covered.

Tsangan with split backspace? No problem.

HHKB? Yes, even the chosen layout.

Best of all your coworkers will take one look at your keyboard and run screaming. You may never have to talk to anyone ever again!

What’s Included

With your order you will receive One (1) Clueboard AF60 PCB. This does not include a case, plate, switches, keycaps, or any other parts to build a keyboard.

What About A Plate?

You can use most standard 60% plates by flipping them over. If you need screw holes I’ve provided several designs you may have produced at LaserBoost:

(Plate designs coming soon.)

  • Standard 1.25U Mods, 6.25U Spacebar

  • Standard Tsangan Layout, 7U Spacebar

  • Universal Plate, supports all layouts

  • HHKB Plate, Split Backspace, Split Space, 7U Spacebar

If you’d like to design your own plate or case you can use this KLE as a starting point.

PCB Specifications

  • Supported Layouts: As pictured

  • MCU: STM32F303CC

  • USB Port: Mini-USB

  • QWIIC: Footprint available to solder your own QWIIC connector

  • Audio: Footprint available to solder your own AST1109MLTRQ speaker

  • LED: Capslock Indicator LED

  • Backlight: No

  • Underglow: No

  • 3D Model:

  • Example 3D Build:

Ships Before April 1

This group buy is open Feb 18 - Feb 25.

The factory is estimated to overnight the PCB’s to me by Mar 22. It will only take 1-2 days to ship the PCBs out. If you are in the United States this should get the PCB to you before April 1. Delivery before April is not guaranteed.

Group Buy Terms

When you join this buy your Credit Card or PayPal will be charged the amount you’ve committed to. If a lower Pricing Tier is reached you will be refunded the difference at the end of the buy. If your selected Pricing Tier is not reached your order will be canceled and you will be refunded.

You may cancel your order anytime before it ships. To do so email with your order number.

After the buy period ends any canceled orders will be made available for purchase on this page.

It’s Just A Prank, Bro!

This group buy is not a prank. It is real, and you will receive an actual PCB. It would be hilarious if you used this to swap out a coworker’s keyboard, but don’t go modding their board. Pick up a cheap tray mount case and use this for a PCB mount build instead. Please prank responsibly.