Clueboard 66% PCB - With Underlight - Version 2.7

Clueboard 66% PCB - With Underlight - Version 2.7

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The heart of a keyboard is the PCB. It's what dictates which button does what, and it sends the data from each button to the computer. Clueboard 66% is a fully progammable PCB which allows for the use of MX or Alps switches, and supports ANSI, ISO or JIS layouts. Whether you're building a totally new Clueboard from scratch or re-purposing an old 66% keyboard, the Clueboard PCB is going to be the first thing you need. 

New Features on Version 2.7!

  • Four More Underlight LEDs, for a total of 18

New Features on Version 2.5!

  • 1.5u mod support
  • Underlight closer to the edge

New Features on Version 2.5.1!

  • Offset 6U support
  • Offset Alps Enter support


  • PCB Version 2.5
  • Bottom row footprints enable a wider variety of layouts.
  • LED indicator support for CapsLock
  • LED support for the Escape key and Page Up, so you can light up your artisan
  • LED support for the arrows
  • RGB Underlighting Support - Light up your desk!
  • Improve split shift support, you can do 1.25u/1u or 1u/1.25u on BOTH sides
  • Hacker Friendly! The TWC/i2c pins have been exposed to allow you to interface with custom hardware

Open Source!

The firmware that powers your Clueboard is open source, which means you can make your keyboard do anything you want it to! You can download the firmware source code here:

Technical Notes:

  • Controller parts and diodes come pre-soldered
  • When Underlight: No is purchased the PCB will have pads for WS2812B LED's but they will not be installed 

Supported Layouts: