Clueboard 66% Low Profile - Acrylic Middle

Clueboard 66% Low Profile - Acrylic Middle


Includes 6mm Acrylic Middle and screws

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This acrylic middle fits between the top and bottom plates of the 66% Low Profile Keyboard. It is a replacement option for the standoffs included with the 66% Low Profile Kit. Not something that is needed, but rather a way to change the look and sound of your keyboard to suite your own aesthetics.

Includes acrylic middle and eight M3 screws needed for assembly. PCB’s and cases pictured are for example only and not included. Use extra care when removing standoffs, their posts are delicate.

If you’re still curious about how this works check out MechMerlin’s LP build video it was done with the black middle (middle is first brought out around 1:07 minutes in).