Clueboard 60% PCB - Version 1.0.1

Clueboard 60% PCB - Version 1.0.1

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Clueboard 60% PCB

Arguably, the most important part of a keyboard is the PCB. It's what actually dictates which button does what, and it's what sends the data from each button to the computer. This PCB works with common 60% cases and gives you the ultimate platform for keyboard hacking.


Designed around the powerful 32 bit STM32F303, this 72 MHz ARM processor has plenty of power to make your keyboard fast and responsive. The 128kb of Flash (4 times as much as other 60% PCB's) allow you to enable all the powerful features within QMK. Standard 0.1" headers are available for SWD and i2c, giving you what you need to add new hardware to your keyboard.


For the musically inclined Clueboard 60% includes a pair of speakers. You can use these to include musical and audio feedback. Play a sound when layers change and enter music mode to turn your Clueboard 60% into a piano!

Note: The speaker on these boards is rather tall- 5mm. Some cases may not have enough clearance to accommodate these without modification. 



Your Clueboard 60% is powered by the Open Source QMK Firmware. This gives you the power to make your keyboard do amazing things. Would you like to setup macros for all your common tasks? QMK can do that! Would you like to have a spacebar that sends a period when you press it twice? QMK can do that! Anything you can code your keyboard can do.

And you don't need to know how to program to reflash your Clueboard 60%. Most people who are technically proficient can create, compile, and flash their own custom layout. 


Clueboard 60% has been designed from the start to be expandable. Buy one of our pre-made backlighting add-ons (available soon) or design your own add-on board. Templates for EAGLE and KiCAD are available on our support page. 

Technical Specifications

For more detailed information check out the Clueboard 60% support page!

  • Matte Black PCB with Gold ENIG Plating

  • Switch Compatibility: Alps, MX Plate, MX PCB

  • ANSI Support: Yes

  • ISO Support: Yes

  • Offset ISO Enter: Yes

  • Split Backspace: Yes

  • Split Left Shift: 1.25/1 or 1/1.25

  • Split Right Shift: 1/1.75 or 1.75/1

  • Bottom Row: Standard 6.25u or AEK-like 6.5u

  • Capslock Indicator: THT or SMD single color LED

  • Available I/O: USB, i2c

  • Diodes and Controller Pre-Soldered

  • Support for add on LED lighting

  • MCU: STM32F303CBT6

    • Flash: 128kB

    • RAM: 40kB

    • Debug: SWD

  • Full NKRO Support

  • Backlight: Slots to allow for backlight add-on boards

  • Underlight: None