Clueboard 2x1800 Mechanical Drawing Toy Edition - One Day Group Buy

Clueboard 2x1800 Mechanical Drawing Toy Edition - One Day Group Buy

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Pictured Keycaps and Switches Are Not Included.

Bent Aluminum Case:
Aluminum Powder Coating:
Knobs for Encoders:
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Coming back for the second year in a row, this is Clueboard’s 2x1800. The design has grown up a little, but it still knows has to have a good time.

Taking inspiration from the Planck THK, the Clueboard 2x1800 sports a handsome row of diodes along the top, all with the same orientation. This makes it easy to spot mistakes in orientation or soldering when you are inspecting your work.

The 2x1800 comes with 4 rotary encoders. Move your mouse, control your computer volume, setup pitch bending in music mode, or anything else you can think of. With 4 encoders you have plenty of freedom for creativity.

And in a first for any keyboard the 2x1800 features { { { Shake To Undo } } }. Make a mistake? Just slide your keyboard forward and back a few times and it will invoke your operating system’s undo command.

And as always the 2x1800 has lots of keys, up to 129 of them to be exact.

Layers? No thanks, I have all the keys I need!


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Mechanical Drawing Toy Mode

Remember how much fun you used to have with your red and grey mechanical drawing toy? Use the two knobs to draw on the screen, turn it upside down, and shake to erase. Easy, simple, brilliant.

Now Clueboard has brought that to your keyboard. Open paint, put your mouse cursor in the canvas, then press down on all 4 rotary encoders to enter drawing mode. Spin the encoders to draw and shake your 2x1800 to erase what you’ve been drawing.

Shake To Undo

Isn’t it frustrating when you make a mistake? Wouldn’t it be nice to exercise that aggression out? Now you can with Shake To Undo! Simply shake your keyboard forward and back to undo any mistake!

Open Source Firmware Powered by QMK

As if that wasn't badass enough? This mother-father is Powered by QMK Firmware. That means you can program it to do anything! Need macros? This baby has a 21 key macropad just sitting there waiting for you. Indicator LEDs for all your status needs. With the included speaker you even get dualphony sound.


Case Options

Just like last year you can get the barebones 2x1800 kit. This includes the PCB, an acrylic bottom plate, and all the components you need to build a PCB mount keyboard except for switches and caps.

New this year is the Origami Aluminum Case. Manufactured by LaserBoost in Spain, these are available in natural aluminum or powder coated in one of several colors. This case is the perfect addition to your 2x1800, providing a unique look that provides more rigidity than its weight would lead you to expect.

Have a 2x1800 from last year and just want the case? Check out this Group Buy instead!

Keycaps and switches not included.

Keycaps and switches not included.

All Kits Include:

  • Clueboard 2x1800 PCB

  • Teensy 2.0++

  • 4 x 24 ppr mechanical rotary encoders

  • 130 Throughhole diodes

  • 3 x 5mm Red LEDs

  • 3 x 220 Ohm Resistors

  • 2 x GMK Numpad Screw In Stabilizer Packs (6 x 2u)

  • 0.1" Breakaway Headers

  • Solder On Screw Bases

  • Clear Acryilic Bottom Plate

  • Rubber Feet

Bent Aluminum Case Includes:

  • Sandblasted Natural Aluminum Case Pre-Bent To ~90º Angles

Available Powder Coat Colors:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This An April Fool’s Joke?

This is both an April Fool’s Joke and a legitimate product. Buy it because you want the awesome power a huge board, or buy it for the meme factor. Either way you will receive a kit that will let you build a real working keyboard.

I heard from many people last year who didn’t believe it was a real product. Don’t miss out like they did.

When will it ship?

Manufacturing the PCB’s will take approximately 2 weeks. Preparing the kits to ship should take less than 7 days. Our deadline for shipping is April 30, but we expect to ship sooner.

How can I get updates?

Updates will be posted to the Clueboard Discord server in #gb-2x1800.

If I Commit To An MOQ And a Lower Pricing Tier Reached Will I Get A Refund For The Difference?

Yes, everyone who receives a kit will pay the same price. If a lower price is unlocked you will pay that lower price, even if you joined at a higher price.

What Can I Do With The Encoders?

Anything that you want to adjust or change with a spinning knob! Some ideas include:

  • Volume Control

  • Brightness Control

  • Mouse Wheel Scrolling (Horizontal and/or Vertical)

  • Mouse Movement

  • Cursor Navigation

I’m Buying a Barebones Kit, What Do I Select For Aluminum Powder Coating?

Select “No”. You can not purchase Aluminum Powder Coating without also purchasing an Origami Aluminum Case.

I’m Buying a Barebones Kit, What Do I Do About a Plate?

You don’t have to use a plate. Your 2x1800 will work very well as a PCB mounted keyboard. It will have a nice even flex that many people find pleasant to type on.

If you would like to use a plate you can buy your own over at LaserBoost. I’ve published a design for the plate file (coming soon.) If you’d like to design your own plate from scratch I’ve also published a KLE for the 2x1800 layouts.

Do You Publish Any Designs For The Clueboard 2x1800?

Yes! You can download the following designs:

In addition we’ve published Autodesk Fusion 360 models, which you can view in your web browser or download and import into your favorite 3d modeling software: