AEK64 - 60% Case For Apple Extended Keycaps

AEK64 - 60% Case For Apple Extended Keycaps


Note: You are purchasing the aluminum case only. To make a working keyboard you will also need Alps-compatable switches, a 60% PCB, and keycaps.

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The Best Keyboard Apple Never Made

In 1984 Apple Computer announced the Macintosh, and with it the Snow White Design Language. At a time when computers were beige boxes that doubled as monitor stands the integrated and beautiful looking Mac spoke to both your practical side and your artistic side. They continued to evolve their design, both aesthetically and ergonomically, until they released what many consider their best keyboard ever: The Apple Extended Keyboard.

The keycaps on the Apple Extended Keyboard are a marvel in and of themselves. High quality PBT plastic means the color will never fade or yellow. The lasered legends are both elegant and durable. There are Apple Extended Keyboards that have been in use every day for 30 years that still look as good as the day they were made. Unlike OEM or Cherry profile caps, the profile of AEK keycaps is more of a bowl shape, fitting the angle of the human hand quite well.

Inspired by the curve of these keycaps we've designed the AEK64 case to perfectly complement the curve of the original AEK. The 5º tilt provide the perfect angle, and the curve of the case brings the Apple Extended Keyboard's design language out of Snow White and into our modern Aluminum era. This is a keyboard that perfectly blends new and old to bring you something that feels timeless.

Need a PCB?

This case is compatible with Hasu's Alps 64 PCB.