Clueboard 66% Case - Aluminum Switch Plate - Alps

Clueboard 66% Case - Aluminum Switch Plate - Alps


These are an earlier version and only support the one standard layout. They will not be compatible with all of the possible layouts of our current PCB's.

Some of these are remaining B stock and there may be minor cosmetic blemishes or scuffs. This version is without the USB cutout. They are compatible with the acrylic case layers.


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Most pre-made keyboards have their switches mounted on a plate in one way or another. What this means is there is a plate of metal of some sort (usually made of steel or aluminum) in which the switches are mounted on and then soldered onto the PCB itself. They fit between the PCB and the top level of the case. These switch mounting plates are meant to give heft to the keyboard, but add rigidity to the typing experience. They make things feel more solid.