Clueboard 66% Low Profile SuperPlate Kit - B Grade Anodized

Clueboard 66% Low Profile SuperPlate Kit - B Grade Anodized


There are minor cosmetic blemishes on these cases.

Primarily on the bottom plate or the underside of the top plate.

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The case kits for sale here are the same as the anodized ones here. Except these ones have some exterior cosmetic blemishes and didn't make the first run.

Low Profile Super Plate With Hotswap PCB

Featuring a low profile case the Clueboard 66% LP will give you a sleek look and the strength you expect from a Clueboard keyboard. Each plate is 4 mm thick and machined to allow all of your switches and stabilizers to work perfectly. Separating the top and bottom plates are custom spacers in your choice of brass or anodized aluminum.

Prototype pictured, final PCB is black.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s In The Kit?

  • 4mm Bottom Plate

  • 4mm SuperPlate

  • Clueboard 66% Hotswap PCB

  • 8 Custom Standoffs in Brass, Silver Aluminum, or Black Aluminum.

  • 5 x M2 Screws

  • 12 x M3 Flattop Screws

  • 4 x Screw-In Rubber Feet

What Do I Need Besides This Kit?

You will need to purchase MX Switches, PCB Mount Stabilizers, Keycaps, and a USB-C cable appropriate for your computer.

Do I Need To Solder Anything?

Most people will not solder anything to this keyboard. There are standard 0.1” header pins that can be soldered to if you’d like to add hardware to your Clueboard, or you can use press-fit sockets for a completely solderless experience

For more detailed information check out the original product page.