Clueboard 66% Case - Aluminum Bottom Plate

Clueboard 66% Case - Aluminum Bottom Plate

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These are remaining B grade stock from previous versions and there may be minor cosmetic blemishes or scuffs. This version is without the USB cutout. It is compatible with the Acrylic Case with sandwich layers, but not compatible with the acrylic feet (used to give a tilt and sold with acrylic bottom plates). It is designed to lay flat.

This will include 8 silver screws and binding posts for securing the case together. 

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When building your case the bottom is an important part. It's what prevents the PCB (and the soldered switches) from touching the desk and dirt from getting in the Clueboard. These case bottoms are also easily unscrewed and reset, allowing you to easily swap out colors if you'd like to decorate your Clueboard based on the season or your mood.