Clueboard 66% Case - Acrylic Reinforcing Plate - MX

Clueboard 66% Case - Acrylic Reinforcing Plate - MX

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Most pre-made keyboards have their switches mounted on a plate in one way or another. What this means is there is a plate of metal of some sort (usually made of steel or aluminum) in which the switches are mounted on and then soldered onto the PCB itself. They fit between the PCB and the top level of the case. These switch mounting plates are meant to give heft to the keyboard, but add rigidity to the typing experience. They make things feel more solid. 

While acrylic switch plates do add some stability and rigidity, they do offer slight flex under heavy typing (it does take effort to feel the flex). These acrylic reinforcing plates help with that problem. They provide more material to reduce flexing while also preventing you from cracking your thin acrylic switch plate. 

A reinforcing plate is not required, especially if you are using a PCB. If you are hand-wiring you'll find the reinforcing plate to be invaluable.