Clueboard 66% Acrylic Bottom - B Grade

Clueboard 66% Acrylic Bottom - B Grade


There are one or two minor cosmetic blemishes on the exterior of these bottoms.

Compatible with 66% Aluminum cases V1-V4.

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Want the ultimate visibility for your underlighting? Upgrade to the Clueboard 66% Acrylic Bottom! These bottoms have been CNC machined out of acrylic to allow your underlight to shine its full glory. Pictures alone can not do justice to just how much light your Clueboard will shine onto your desk. 

To reduce costs and give you more customization options these bottoms have been left with an "as machined" surface finish. It is a mostly optically-transparent finish that leaves some tool marks visible, but we think it is still aesthetically pleasing. During normal use you will be not able to see any of the tool marks.

The case works great as-is, but if you prefer you can do your own surface finishing. If you want a perfectly clear case you can use standard plexiglass polish to shine your bottom up to a glass-like finish. Alternatively you can use progressively finer sandpaper to frost the surface of your bottom. No matter which of these 3 routes you choose your Acrylic Bottom will look good and let the full beauty of your Clueboard's underlight shine through.