Clueboard 60% PCB - Prototype

Clueboard 60% PCB - Prototype

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Note: You can not use a standard or an offset capslock. Only a 1u, 1.25u, or 1.5u cap may be used for capslock without hanging off the left side.

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Prototypes Ain't Perfect

When you do product design there are a lot of details to check. Sometimes you change things or don't check things well enough, and mistakes slip through. That's what happened with this batch of PCB's. Between my prototype run of 5 boards and this run of 40 boards I changed my capslock footprint to support both standard and stepped capslock. What I forgot to do was shift the footprint 0.25u to the right.

These PCB's are otherwise functional, but if you try to use a standard capslock key it will hang over the left edge. If you play a lot of games that might be beneficial.

ARM MCU and Speakers At A Very Low Price

My pain is your gain! While supplies last you can pick these up for less than what I paid to have them manufactured. If you've been wanting to play with ARM don't miss this opportunity!

Technical Specifications

For more detailed information check out the Clueboard 60% support page!

  • Matte Black PCB with Gold ENIG Plating
  • Switch Compatibility: Alps, MX Plate, MX PCB
  • ANSI Support: Yes
  • ISO Support: Yes
  • Offset ISO Enter: Yes
  • Split Backspace: Yes
  • Split Left Shift: 1.25/1 or 1/1.25
  • Split Right Shift: 1/1.75 or 1.75/1
  • Bottom Row: Standard 6.25u or AEK-like 6.5u
  • Capslock Indicator: THT or SMD single color LED
  • Available I/O: USB, i2c
  • Diodes and Controller Pre-Soldered
  • Support for add on LED lighting
  • MCU: STM32F303CCT6
    • Flash: 256kB
    • RAM: 40kB
    • Debug: SWD
  • Full NKRO Support
  • Backlight: Slots to allow for backlight add-on boards
  • Underlight: None