Cyber Monday at Clueboard!


Clueboard 60% Flash Group Buy - Programmable 60% Kit for Under $100!

Looking for an innovative 60% that doesn't break the bank? Clueboard 60% gives you a blazing fast STM32 F303 processor and dual speakers to make your keyboard come alive. Now your keyboard can give you auditory feedback to help make using your keyboard easier and more fun. 

During this 24 hour group buy you'll be able to buy a complete kit - Clueboard 60% PCB, Low-Profile Acrylic Case, Cherry Stabs, and Greetech Switches for just $99.99!


Nantucket Selectric Charity Auctions

We have some Nantucket Selectric keysets that went unclaimed. After some debate about the best way to sell them, we have decided to auction them for charity. Now is your chance to pick up this wildly popular set and support some worthwhile charities in the process.

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Sick of Turkey, Stuffing, and Mashed Potatoes? Head on over to our Dents and Dings sections for a different kind of leftover: AEK64 and Clueboard 66% cases are available now!