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All Of The Keys You Need, None Of The Keys You Don't

Clueboard 66% is big enough to include all the keys you use- including the arrows. Its compact size allows you to pull your mouse closer, reducing upper body strain. Function layers provide convenient access to other keys, letting you stay near the home row. Once you've used Clueboard 66% for a while you'll wonder why you needed so many keys in the first place.

Each kit includes a Case, Super Plate, and PCB. You will also need MX Switches, PCB Mount Stabilizers, Keycaps, and a mini-usb cable to complete your build.


Elegant and Rugged

CNC machined from billet aluminum and anodized in one of 3 colors (Grey, Silver, or Orange) this case will bring out the best in your switches. Supporting ANSI, ISO, and JIS layouts, you can build a Clueboard that is perfect for you! 

Clueboard 66% is the first high profile keyboard to feature an integrated plate. Most 2-piece keyboard cases are low profile, they consist of a thin plate sitting on top of the case bottom. By contrast, the Clueboard 66% plate and top are combined into a single piece of high quality 6061 Aluminum we’ve coined the "Super Plate." This gives your keyboard unmatched strength and rigidity.

Attention To Detail

Quality and attention to detail set this case apart from the competition. The case top and bottom fit together with a gapless seam. The smooth yet grippy surface provides a beautiful and functional finish. 

Inside you'll find a PCB with the power to make your keyboard do amazing things. Powered by the Open Source QMK Firmware your Clueboard's PCB can turn your finger movements into magic. Exposed i2c pins make hacking new hardware into your keyboard easy and convenient for the modding crowd. 

You can build your own keyboard, no matter your skill level

Even if you've never used a soldering iron before this is a project you can tackle in an afternoon. With an investment of less than $20 for tools and supplies you can expect great results. Like a Padawan building their own lightsaber, building your own keyboard will bring you closer to the tools of your trade. 

Clueboard has put together resources that help you be successful:

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The Flexibility To Pick Your Own Layout

Unlike other compact keyboards, Clueboard 66% allows you to pick the layout that works best for you. Want to split backspace into two keys? You can do that! Want an ISO enter but a wide left shift? No problem! Clueboard 66% supports nearly any layout variation you can imagine.

Ultimate Customizability

For those who want to dial in their typing experience Clueboard 66% supports switch tuning. Whether you're swapping springs, lubing switches, or changing stems, your Clueboard will let you open up and modify your switches without the risk and hassle of desoldering.

Fully Programmable

The firmware that powers Clueboard 66% is open source. Make your keyboard do anything you want! Move keys to where you want them or take advantage of advanced features like MacrosTap DanceSpace Cadet Shift, and more. If you can code it, your Clueboard can do it!

You Want Bling? We Got Bling!

Add the Decorative Pack to your order to get a PCB with RGB LED's pre-soldered, and acrylic pieces to accentuate your lighting. You can choose a solid color or one of several animation modes.

Change your aesthetic whenever you'd like! With the decorative pack you can light up your desk.



  • Open-source QMK firmware
  • Controllable LED support in several locations:
    • Caps Lock
    • Escape
    • Page Up
    • Arrow Keys
  • RGB Underlight Support (LED's pre-soldered w/Decorative Pack.)
  • TWC/i2c pins exposed for hardware hackers


What's in the box?

  • Bottom Case
  • Super Plate (Top and Plate as a single piece)
  • PCB with pre-soldered Controller and Diodes

Decorative Pack Adds

  • 3mm Clear Acrylic Spacer
  • Mirrored Reflective Insert
  • RGB LED's pre-soldered to PCB

What else do I need?