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Powder Coat colors require additional processing time. Usually around one to two weeks. Custom color choices may take longer. Anodized colors are available to ship without delay.

Additional B Grade Anodized kits (in more colors) available in Dents & Dings.

Low Profile Super Plate With Backlit

USB-C Hotswap PCB

Featuring a low profile case the Clueboard 66% LP will give you a sleek look and the strength you expect from a Clueboard keyboard. Each plate is 4 mm thick and machined to allow all of your switches and stabilizers to work perfectly. Separating the top and bottom plates are custom spacers in your choice of brass or anodized aluminum.

Build Your Own Keyboard, No Soldering Required!

Clueboard 66% LP comes with a brand new hot swap PCB. This allows you to build your keyboard without soldering. You can even choose between a standard 6.25U space bar or split it into 3 keys for more customizability.

Build a Keyboard In Any Color

You can choose the color that will make you happiest. Like previous Clueboards you can order Clueboard 66% LP anodized in Black, Purple, or Silver. However, we’ve also been working behind the scenes to give you more options.

We’ve partnered with Powder Coat It of Santa Cruz to bring you new finishes. Choose between Manilla Beige, Galaxy Wave, Desert Red Wrinkle, Powder Blue (YouTube), or Black Iron II for a low cost. Even better, for a paint charge starting at $50 you can choose any color you want! You can also check out Prismatic Powder’s YouTube Channel to get an idea about how colors change in the light.

Note: Powder Coating may require up to two weeks lead time. Some colors may require an additional cost on top of the Custom Color charge. If the color you choose requires this we will contact you before processing your order.

Tasteful Backlighting and Animations

Clueboard 66% LP comes with a tasteful white backlighting that is controllable per individual key. Set all the keys to a comfortable uniform brightness, use any key as an indicator, or watch entertaining reactive animations such as raindrop and heatmap. With Clueboard 66% and QMK you can do anything your imagination can dream up.

Customize It With Middles, Keycaps, and More

Your options for customization don’t end with the color. Buy custom Acrylic Middles or swap out the Switches or Keycaps. Every aspect of your Clueboard is customizable.

(Acrylic middles available soon.)

Stereo Speakers For Auditory Feedback

Think speakers are just a gimmick? you'd be surprised just how much they can help. The simple beep that indicates you've entered firmware programming mode and the reassuring tone that plays after flashing help guide you through successfully remapping your Clueboard.

QWIIC Port For Easy Add-Ons

QWIIC is an emerging standard for solderless connectivity between PCB’s. Clueboard 66% LP comes with a QWIIC port that you can make use of. Use it to connect auxiliary keyboards like macropads or numpads, add an OLED screen to your keyboard, read the environmental conditions in your office, experiment with new input methods, and more! If you’ve been wanting to program embedded hardware but haven’t wanted to solder, Clueboard 66% LP makes for a perfect solderless experimentation platform.

Fully Programmable Open Source Firmware

QMK is the firmware that powers your Clueboard. For beginners QMK Configurator gives you access to powerful keyboard functionality with the ease of a web GUI. Make use of features such as Grave Escape, Mouse Keys, and Layer Tap keys without writing a single line of code.

More advanced users can download the source code to access advanced functionality such as tap dance, space cadet shift, leader key, or dozens of other features. With QMK if you can dream it you can code it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in the kit?

  • 4mm Bottom Plate

  • 4mm SuperPlate

  • Clueboard 66% Hotswap PCB

  • 8 Custom Standoffs in Brass, Silver Aluminum, or Black Aluminum.

  • 5 x M2 Screws

  • 12 x M3 Flattop Screws

  • 4 x Screw-In Rubber Feet

What Do I need Besides This Kit?

You will need to purchase MX Switches, PCB Mount Stabilizers, Keycaps, and a USB-C cable appropriate for your computer.

Do I Need To Solder Anything?

Most people will not solder anything to this keyboard. There are standard 0.1” header pins that can be soldered to if you’d like to add hardware to your Clueboard, or you can use press-fit sockets for a completely solderless experience.


Prototypes pictured. Actual PCB is black.